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[melanchol] The Wombhammer -Machine F*cked Lolita Prisoners- / [メランコル] 子宮機械姦─敵国に捕らえられた魔導少女達の末路─

The hardcore fate of captured girl soldiers in a world of science vs. magic.

Release: 2015/09/25
File type: jpg
Pic’s: 339
Genre: lolicon, anal, oral, rape, bondage, robot sex, dp, stretch/expansion, pee, stockings
Language: japanese
Censorship: yes
Size: 324 MB

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[melanchol] Forced Climax: Sacrifice To The Machine / [メランコル] 強制絶頂機械姦:プラントの生贄となった少女編

Facing starvation in the near future, desperate people rely on an energy conversion plant.
The energy it converts is little girl orgasms.
Someone needs to power the plant, and yes, she will be exploited for everything she’s worth.

Release: 2015/04/25
File type: jpg
Pic’s: 263
Genre: lolicon, anal, robot sex, stretch/expansion, milking, golden shower/urination, x-ray
Language: japanese
Censorship: yes
Size: 284 MB

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[Neet Corp.] Let’s Be Pretty Pretty / [ニート(株)] キレイキレイしようね

A young girl with an urgent need to pee picks some bushes near a path…
The old man who catches her uses threatening words,
“Do you want everyone to know what you’re doing?”

Release: 2015/05/16
File type: jpg, pdf, html
Pic’s: 20
Genre: lolicon, oral, rape, virgin, fingering, pee, stretch/expansion, stockings, x-ray
Language: japanese
Censorship: yes
Size: 120 MB

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[Blindfold Girl] Scat Friend of the Slutty Girl / [目隠し娘] 変態少女のスカトロ友達

Second volume of the CG novel in slutty girl series!
A girl awakens to anal pleasure and she experiences it in more depth with her friend…
A classmate of the girl spots the girl who is absorbed in the secret hentai play.
The classmate girl gives orders and leads her to a further pleasure.

Release: 2009/06/26
File type: jpg, html
Pic’s: 60
Genre: lolicon, anal, oral, bondage, scat, stretch/expansion
Language: japanese
Censorship: yes
Size: 150 MB

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[Deeper Learning] Girls & Weapons / [下学上達屋] Girls&Weapons

She’s not the hero… she’s the weapon!
A regular schoolgirl is whisked off to a fantasy world.
Plug her sexy holes with items! Transform her body and wield her against the enemy!
Deeper Learning presents a fantasy world that lives by strict, strange rules.
Humans who are good aren’t allowed to own weapons.
Thus, monsters and scumbags were gradually taking over.
A loophole was found.
The good humans summoned a schoolgirl from a parallel world.
Legend has it that only she can bear weapons… by becoming them!

Release: 2015/03/20
File type: exe
Genre: RPG, lolicon, oral, sexual training, pervert, rape, stretch/expansion, x-ray
Language: japanese
Interface: japanese
Censorship: yes
Size: 122 MB

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[Machinohenmaru] Machino Henmaru CG collection – P**sy Stretch 3 + 4 Double pack / [町野変丸] 町野変丸CG集 拡張大好きスリーフォーパック

This is a double pack of Machino Henmaru CG collections 11 & 18
a.k.a. P**sy Stretch 3 (RJ030862) & P**sy Stretch 4 (RJ048655)

Curious girls cram everything that can fit inside their gaping orifices — and a lot of things that can’t!
Expand your mind along with the expanded wombs of lolitas and discover what hentai can be. Their pelvises, and your dreams, will never be the same.

Release: 2014/07/04
File type: jpg, pdf
Pic’s: 137
Genre: lolicon, oral, object insertion, stretch/expansion, bestiality, fisting
Language: japanese
Censorship: yes
Size: 102 MB

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