How to Play Japanese Games

Applocale + Unicode Setting Tutorial

Applocale: This will help you install Japanese hgames, this

tutorial is used to set the AppLocale for Xp users and the

Unicode settings for Vista users.


1. Download AppLocale

2. Install Applocale

– AppLocale is suppose to run on

Windows XP, you don’t need AppLocale

in Vista to be able to play eroges.

3. Run AppLocale

4. Click Browse> and select the game you want to play.

5. Select Japanese.

6. Select the box: create a shortcut.

7. For link description use the name of the game.

8. Look fot the AppLocale Main folder in the Start Menu.

9. Click on it, in the shortcut the you created should be there.

10. By running the shortcut you should be able to play the eroge

with Japanese font on it.

Note: Not all games will run with AppLocale.

Ok, now this second tutorial goes for

Vista users. As you should know by now

Vista doesn’t need you to have AppLocale

to be able to read Japanese font.

1. Go to Start>Control Panel

2. Go to Regional Settings>Change keyboard

and other input languages.

3. Now go to Administrative, look where

it says Software with Non-Unicode language.

4. Click on Change Regional System Settings.

5. Change it to Japanese.

6. Click Done and it should promt you for restart.

Note: This will make some changes in your whole computer.

You should notice them soon. You can go back if you change

the language to what it was before.

3 thoughts on “How to Play Japanese Games

  1. kazuyah

    I am new to this so… thanks for the tip on how to play the games. BUT— I have the feeling I have stumbled into the middle of your site without “registering”. Also, hate to bring it up but is there a pay or donate page? And I did download one dojin without a hitch but the file page is a bit odd with the waiting and such. Am I supposed to register there? I would appreciate some advice since I totally new to this. Thanks.

  2. JB

    I downloaded a game and when I go to run it with applocale it gives me an error.
    the game is “littlewetgirl”


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