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[HAMMER_HEAD] Magical Girl Airi -A Punishment to Precocious Petite- / 魔法少女アイリ~生意気泥棒娘にお仕置き☆~

Ever-genki adventuress Airi-chan just keeps getting caught in naughty situations!

Release: 2012/10/04
File type: jpg
Pic’s: 264
Genre: lolicon, oral, rape, bondage, defloration, internal cumshot, gangbang, tentacle, bestiality, childbirth, outdoor, pregnancy, fisting, stockings
Language: japanese
Censorship: yes
Size: 240 MB

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[SlaveDoll] Magical Warrior Jewelry Knight – Jewelry Topaz In Dreamy Dizzy – / 魔法戦士ジュエリーナイト -ジュエリートパーズ夢現曖昧編-

Suddenly appeared creatures, “Dustone”.
They are lewd creatures assaulting people — especially women.
Meanwhile, there are fighters standing against the creatures.
People named them – in fact, girls – as “Magical Warrior Jewelry Knights”.
One of original magical knight characters “Jewelry Knights”, “Jewelry Topaz” is going to do H things both in dream and reality in this story.

Release: 2018/01/24
File type: JPG
Pic’s: 145
Genre: lolicon, masturbation, sleeping, transforming girl, tentacle, panties, stockings
Language: japanese
Censorship: yes
Size: 284 MB

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[amami-k] Nymph Movie 20 / [天観K] ロリ 動画 20

12 little girls will perform erotically for you in various salacious situations.
Listen to their cute little moans and groans of pleasure as their petite bodies, titties and booty shake and jiggle in fully animated video glory.

Release: 2018/05/01
File type: mp4
Genre: lolicon, shota, oral, rape, bondage, internal cumshot, gangbang, dp, tentacles, panties, swimsuit, stockings, kimono, gym shorts, elf/fairy, school uniform
Language: japanese
Subtitles: no
Censorship: yes
Size: 2.6 GB

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[hakkaku] THE TALE OF UNDERCRUST ~The Last 7 Days of Hasumi~ / [八角家] テイル・アンダークラスト -ハスミと最後の7日間-

Into the world of 6,500 meter below in which no one has stepped foot yet——
** Synopsis **
Hasumi meets an android who claims to come from the future in a smattering of language, making her skeptical.
In order to avoid a meteorite impact that is scheduled to befall seven days later, the two goes deep into a huge crater lies
at the foot of Mount Fuji. Herds of weird creatures live in the underground world which, perhaps, will have either a girl vigorously brandishing a sword or……

Release: 2018/04/27
File type: exe
Genre: RPG, lolicon, oral, rape, bondage, hypnosis, robot sex, transforming girl, tentacles, rubber, panties, school uniform
Language: japanese
Interface: japanese
Censorship: yes
Size: 806 MB

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[j7w] シールケレ○プ絵

Release: 2016
File type: JPG
Pic’s: 44
Genre: lolicon, anal, oral, rape, bestiality, bondage, internal cumshot, tentacles, gangbang, stretch/expansion, pregnant, childbirth, witch
Language: japanese
Censorship: yes
Size: 12 MB

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[Slime Special] The Hamestacia Kingdom ~Hero and Four Goddesses~ / [スライム定食] ハメスタシア王国~勇者と4人の女神たち~

Let’s bang, bang and bang around the world!?
H Event “Animation Video” loaded
The Hamestacia Kingdom was a real utopia where all species live in the equality.
However, in the 721st year of the Kingdom, the peace was demolished by a single statement made by the ruler of the Kingdom in the period, the Witch Queen Leep:
“Men are no longer needed in this world!”
— Since then, men have been socially dominated by women.
Being under the severe situation, the only hope for all men is the legendary hero, who, if the legend is true, is destined to defeat the mastermind and bring equality to the world again.
Later on…
A cherry boy masturbates as his daily routine in a rural village “Tartos”.
The story is right about to begin with his right hand……

Release: 2018/04/20
File type: exe
Genre: RPG, lolicon, oral, rape, fantasy, internal cumshot, tentacles, torture, pregnancy, stockings, collar/chain/hamper, school uniform, monster girl
Language: japanese
Interface: japanese
Censorship: yes
Size: 408 MB

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[Kigurume Hokanko] This is a can of Perid*t eroticaaa!!! / [きぐるめほかんこ] ペリ公のえっちな缶詰だァァァッ!!!


Release: 2018/04/10
File type: JPG
Pic’s: 28
Genre: lolicon, masturbation, internal cumshot, tentacles, gangbang, dp, tan, sex toys, cosplay, stockings
Language: japanese
Censorship: yes
Size: 7 MB

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[Rainbow Temple] Beyond the Heavens (English Translated)

It’s a tale not told, because if it was it would be strange indeed.
Brides and beauties of Dragon Quest 5 x interspecies sex.
Assault, consent, romance, shameful ravishing, all highly colorful imagery worth your time!

Release: 2013/04/12
File type: JPG
Pic’s: 73
Genre: lolicon, oral, rape, fantasy, gangbang, outdoor, internal cumshot, interspecies sex, tentacles, x-ray
Language: english
Censorship: yes
Size: 34 MB

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[コメコウジ] 巨大蟲ハンターアンナ~交尾狂いの苗床姉妹~


Release: 2017/07/22
File type: JPG
Pic’s: 58
Genre: lolicon, anal, oral, rape, futanari, interspecies sex, tentacle, insect, worm sex, internal cumshot, pregnant, panties, x-ray
Language: japanese
Censorship: yes
Size: 55 MB

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