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[ハードクローム] せかいじゅの種 9


Release: 2018/11/30
File type: JPG
Pic’s: 110
Genre: lolicon, anal, oral, rape, defloration, bondage, gangbang, dp, internal cumshot, bestiality, tentacles, pregnant, bikini, school uniform, x-ray
Language: japanese
Censorship: yes
Size: 21 MB

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[Anthology] Comic Shoujo Shiki 2012 3 Aki / [アンソロジー] comic 少女式 2012 3 秋

Full Name: Comic Shoujo Shiki 2012 3 Aki / comic 少女式 2012 3 秋
Type: Hentai Manga
File type: JPG
Author: Anthology / アンソロジー
Genre: lolicon, anal, oral, rape, drugs, bondage, exhibitionism, internal cumshot, fisting, futanari, sex toys, glasses, collar, nurse, swimsuit, stockings, school uniform, x-ray.
Language: japanese
Pages: 281
Resolution: 1680 × 2400
Color: Colorless
Size: 494 MB

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Works by ボッシー

Release: 2018
File type: JPG, GIF
Pic’s: 209
Genre: 3D, lolicon, anal, oral, facial, rape, horror, captivity, slave, torture, masturbation, internal cumshot, pee, yuri, sex toys, collar/chain/hamper, stockings, school uniform
Language: no text
Censorship: yes
Size: 3.3 GB

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[DEEP RISING] Phantom Thieves and Fellows Lewdified!? / [DEEPRISING] 淫乱にされてしまった怪盗団と仲間たち!?

P*rsona 5 Interspecies rape CG collection!
Posts of some obscene peeping photos that are close to revealing the Phantom Thieves’ true colors make the members upset…
Who knows the true colors of the Phantom Thieves and took the peeping photos…
In order to put the peeping Tom on the right track, they start investigating the depth of Mementos but…
Having men’s desires absorbed, Mementos shows a major change…
Embodied shadows are assaulting the Phantom Thieves and its fellows!?
An T*kamaki, blackmailed and oppressed by K*moshida…
Makoto N*ijima, assaulted by men with grudges against her sister…
F*taba’s uncle demands money from Soujirou, using her as…
Haru Ok*mura, persecuted by her fiance’s abnormal sexual inclination…
Their traumas come forth again in the depth of Mementos… Corrupted by shadows…

Release: 2018/06/29
File type: JPG
Pic’s: 498
Genre: lolicon, oral, rape, bukkake, tentacle, interspecies sex, brainwashing, internal cumshot, bestiality, gangbang, dp, pregnant, glasses, collar, panties, stockings, school uniform
Language: japanese
Censorship: yes
Size: 617 MB

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[tomatojigoku] Encyclopedia of VR Idol’s Sexual Assault / [とまとじごく] VRアイドルレ○プ図鑑!! ~神(GM)であるオレが大きい娘も小さい娘もみんなまとめてプレイヤーから寝取レ○プしてみた!!~

A genius creator sexually assaults idols in a VR game which he developed!
Bang down VR idols to refresh!!

Release: 2018/11/16
File type: JPG
Pic’s: 1368
Genre: lolicon, shota, anal, oral, rape, idol, deflowering, internal cumshot, bondage, masturbation, tentacles, footjob, underwear, swimsuit, stockings, school uniform, x-ray
Language: japanese
Censorship: yes
Size: 1.5 GB

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Kirara is just an ordinary girl. One usual morning, when she jills off with a corner of her desk and then goes out, she finds the world collapsed.
Monsters emerge and assault her but her cherished doll named Alice fights them off.
A mysterious guy gives her a strange magic scroll. Then she acquires the power to “fight by pleasure”. It’s the power that she can get by pleasuring others and being pleasured…

Release: 2018/11/28
File type: exe
Genre: RPG, lolicon, rape, object insertion, monster girl, panties, maid, nurse, swimsuit, stockings, school uniform
Language: japanese
Interface: japanese
Censorship: yes
Size: 588 MB

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[tomatojigoku] Just Repeatedly Snap-Snap Into A Little Princess’ Virgin P*ssy In The Alternative World / [とまとじごく] 異世界に転生して小さくてかわいいお姫さまの処女ま○こをひたすらブチブチするCG集

Become the demon lord in the alternative world, rape the little princess’ virgin pussy!

Release: 2017/11/04
File type: JPG
Pic’s: 1070
Genre: lolicon, anal, oral, rape, deflowering, fantasy, interspecies sex, internal cumshot, gangbang, handjob, footjob, pee, queen/princess, swimsuit, stockings
Language: japanese
Censorship: yes
Size: 1.2 GB

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[General Hinamaru] Started H Deeds with That Girl Who Has Grown Up / [ひな丸中将] 成長したあの娘とえっちな営み始めました

I used to play together with Miki-chan who lived next door to me.
She suddenly comes to my room to stay here for a while!?
With her body grown up curvy, she undresses in return for accommodation…

Release: 2017/12/20
File type: JPG
Pic’s: 151
Genre: lolicon, oral cumshot, internal cumshot, fingering, pregnant, tan, school uniform, x-ray
Language: japanese
Censorship: yes
Size: 162 MB

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