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[NorwaySuisan] Ero Machine Flash case.3 ~Eromanga~ / [諾威水産] エロマシーンフラッシュ case3 ~エロマンガ編~

A certain illustrator and company are defiled by strange future-devices.

Release: 2017/09/17
File type: html
Genre: Simulation, lolicon, anal, torture, drug, robot sex, milking
Language: japanese
Interface: japanese
Censorship: yes
Size: 2 MB

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[bindmix] Magical Girl Physical Bondaga – Imprisoned Nan*ha Edition / 魔法少女完全拘束_高○なのは監獄編

There’s no way the magical girl is escaping…

Release: 2017/07/19
File type: JPG
Pic’s: 269
Genre: lolicon, captivity, robot sex, torture, collar/chain/hamper
Language: japanese
Censorship: yes
Size: 84 MB

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[Basilisk Trapezohedron] A Gorgeous Promenade Of Abyss / [バジリスクトラペゾヘドロン] 絢爛たる深淵のプロムナード

Cristina, a girl who got a magical jewel goes to hardcore sex orgy held in the demonic world.
At there, many torture instruments are rendering women cry and go insane.

Release: 2017/06/28
File type: JPG
Pic’s: 889
Genre: lolicon, oral, ashamed, torture, tentacle, robot sex, pee, sex toys, collar/chain/hamper, stockings, swimsuit
Language: japanese
Censorship: yes
Size: 1.4 GB

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[Robo-Nepen] Jinko_shojo II: DO androids dream of F*ck? / 人工少女 II アンドロイド:ファックドリーム

The second part of the Jinko-Shojo Chronicle. The professor and his prototype are missing, whereabouts unknown. The project however is proceeding with the remaining A.I shell he had developed before leaving. A rogue programmer however has been accessing the A.I to expand her programming.. finally uploading himself to the mainframe to have intercourse with the A.I…
this 8 minute plus animation features hot erotic sex between the android AI and the programmer, in a number of erotic positions, including oral sex and anal penetration. the programmer finally ejaculates inside the A.I.. causing a system overload.

Release: 2017/07/02
File type: mp4
Genre: 3D, lolicon, anal, oral, robot sex
Language: english
Subtitles: no
Censorship: yes
Size: 1 GB

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[Sazameki Street] Eromang* Sensei -First Masturbation Experience- / [さざめき通り] エロマン〇先生~はじめてのオナニー体験~

Sagiri’s a bit of a shy one (a shut in, in fact) but, totally curious about her sexuality. She gets seriously wet at her own hands and with machinated toys in this CG set.

Release: 2017/05/01
File type: PNG
Pic’s: 62
Genre: lolicon, masturbation, bondage, robot sex, pee, sex toys
Language: japanese
Censorship: yes
Size: 57 MB

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[Minion] Childou / [みにおん] ちゃいる道

Full Name: Childou / ちゃいる道
Type: Hentai Manga
File type: JPG
Author: Minion / みにおん
Genre: lolicon, shota, anal, oral, incest, defloration, rape, maniac, outdoor, bondage, footjob, handjob, prostitution, internal cumshot, robot sex, gangbang, dp, tentacles, panties, maid, swimsuit, school uniform, x-ray.
Language: japanese
Pages: 190
Resolution: 2050 × 3000
Color: Colorless
Size: 442 MB

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[メランコル] 強制女体化機械姦 / [melanchol] Forced TSF Machine R*pe

In a world where “Woman” do not exist, those in power still desire to “have sex with woman”.
In order to fulfill this desire they begin research into “turning men, into women”…
There is only one small problem.
While they may have been physically modified…
The test subjects are still men at heart.
This is where the machines come into play.
Or to be more precise, to Sexually Discipline.

Release: 2017/03/24
File type: JPG
Pic’s: 352
Genre: lolicon, anal, robot sex, stretch/expansion, torture, internal cumshot, pee, stockings, x-ray
Language: japanese
Censorship: yes
Size: 462 MB

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[monoxide.jp] Sprite Brainwash Factory / 妖精洗脳改造ファクトリー

In this 100% animated machine rape 3DCG work, a young sprite girl is completely and utterly brainwashed and modified into a sex slave.
Welcome to a factory where sprites are caught and turned into living onahole / flashlights (male masturbation toys)
Enjoy as the sprite we caught today undergoes a onslaught of mechanical titillation and has both her mind and body processed into an adult toy that has no other purpose in life…
Thorough ‘physical examination’, drugged mind rape and lewdification, pussy expansion and modification, high stress quality control test, optional dick attachment service, etc!

Release: 2017/03/14
File type: html, mp4, mp3
Genre: 3D, lolicon, rape, robot sex, brainwashing, futanari/dick girl, body modification
Language: japanese
Subtitles: no
Censorship: yes
Size: 1.1 GB

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[Gunjyou Zensen] Angel of Innocence: Magical Idol Lulu / [群青前線] 清純の天使 マジカルアイドル・ルル

~loli, machine and insect rape, pregnancy and birth depictions~
A pure, young, unknowing girls gets… horrendously raped and…
ends up becoming an insect cock, insemination sex loving bitch.

Release: 2017/02/18
File type: JPG, PDF
Pic’s: 276
Genre: lolicon, rape, bondage, sexual training, robot sex, interspecies sex, pregnancy, stockings
Language: japanese
Censorship: yes
Size: 1.1 GB

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[Jereheim Garden] Clit All over the Body / 全身クリトリス

Girls = clitoris.
Their skin is a clitoris everywhere you touch.
Her pussy is a clitoris too, inside and out.
Her clitoris is… a clitoris to the second power.
What would happen if your subjected a girl like that to inhuman pleasure…?

Release: 2017/02/06
File type: JPG, PDF, HTML
Pic’s: 83
Genre: lolicon, drug, robot sex, interspecies sex
Language: japanese
Censorship: yes
Size: 466 MB

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