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[Nijigen Shoujo] Shishunki -The Infection of Only Virgin Wombs- / [虹元少女] 肢春期~処女にだけ感染する子宮に至る病~

A mysterious illness is spreading among beautiful young girls that can only be cured with a copious squirt of sperm, applied directly.
Pregnancy is a distant second concern to getting as much cum in the c*nts of of sweet schoolgirls to stop this dreadful vaginal disease.

Release: 2011/09/02
File type: jpg
Pic’s: 238
Genre: lolicon, oral, rape, virgin, gangbang, school uniform, x-ray
Language: japanese
Censorship: yes
Size: 203 MB
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[Pakkri Paradise] Before Regulation! More Lolicon Paradise! / [ぱっくりパラダイス] 昭和は規制前!もっとロリコンパラダイス!ハード編

A 30-year-old virgin uses magic to go back in time to the era before little girl pornography was heavily censored! He swims in the tsurupeta lolita land of petite panty flashing naughty bear-pubscents.

Release: 2012/07/24
File type: jpg, pdf, html
Pic’s: 301
Genre: lolicon, oral, rape, tan, pee, panties, x-ray
Language: japanese
Censorship: yes
Size: 285 MB
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[Sisteralice] Today’s Nourishment: Anime Collection / [Sisteralice] 今夜のオカズ アニメこれくしょん


Release: 2013/12/27
File type: swf, html
Genre: lolicon, oral, bondage, animal ears, panties, stockings
Language: japanese
Interface: japanese/english
Censorship: yes
Size: 525 MB
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[Nananana] Bound and Screwed Tomboy Schoolgirl / [なななな] ○学生は拘束されて犯される

A precocious girl offers to show her panties for money, but with a little aphrodisiac and some duct tape one guy takes a lot more.

Release: 2013/12/07
File type: jpg
Pic’s: 84
Genre: lolicon, anal, oral, rape, object insertion, panties
Language: japanese
Censorship: yes
Size: 103 MB
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[Yukiu Con] Flan-chan Soushuuhen!

Full Name: Flan-chan Soushuuhen!
Type: Hentai Manga
File type: JPG
Author: Yukiu Con
Genre: lolicon, oral, anal, bondage, footjob, animal ears, panties, futanari, stockings
Language: english
Pages: 91
Resolution: 1413 x 2000
Color: Full Color
Size: 102 MB

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[2,5 dimensions] Beginners * Magic! -The Girl Tainted With Lust- (Ver2.03) / [2.5次元] ビギナーズ☆マジック!~淫らに染まる少女の体~ (Ver2.03)

It’s an age age of humans starting to master the power of magic.
A young girl enrolls in the magic school where her older sister attends.
However, the sister casts a forbidden spell of lust……
An ecchi action RPG! Failure, assault, prostitution, etc.

Release: 2014/01/09
File type: exe
Genre: lolicon, oral, RPG, tentacle, pee, robot sex, panties, stockings
Language: japanese
Interface: japanese
Censorship: yes
Size: 522 MB
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[Little Puppet] Things I Did with the Girl in a Park Restroom / [幼裁人形] 公園で出会った少女をトイレに連れ込んでいいなりにする話

He meets a girl in the park.
He takes her to the toilets.
He cums on her clothes.
He gives her a swimsuit.
He makes her an obedient whore.
She does whatever he wants.
She doesn’t like it, but she likes it.

Release: 2013/10/01
File type: jpg
Pic’s: 96
Genre: lolicon, oral, rape, bondage, fingering, bukkake, panties, swimsuit, stockings
Language: japanese
Censorship: yes
Size: 192 MB
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[Tanimachi Maid] Ichigo Extreme / [谷町めいど] いちごエクストリーム

Full Name: Ichigo Extreme / いちごエクストリーム
Type: Hentai Manga
File type: JPG
Author: Tanimachi Maid / 谷町めいど
Genre: lolicon, anal, oral, footjob, harem, stockings, pee, panties, x-ray.
Language: japanese
Pages: 219
Resolution: 1730 × 2480
Color: Colorless
Size: 178 MB

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