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[pumpkin] All You Can Touch Pr**ary Schooler at the Clinic / [パンプキン] 保健室では○学生に手を出し放題

This ADV game uses the “touch system”
to react to player interaction and guide the little
girl from resistance to awakened pleasure.

Release: 2012/12/28
File type: exe
Genre: oral, lolicon, virgin, spats.
Language: japanese
Interface: japanese
Censorship: yes
Size: 190 MB
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[Asaki Takayuki] Choioma! / [朝木貴行] ちょいおま !

Full Name: Choioma! / ちょいおま !
Type: Hentai Manga
File type: JPG
Author: Asaki Takayuki / 朝木貴行
Genre: lolicon, glasses, oral, two girls, stockings, school uniform.
Language: japanese
Pages: 232
Resolution: 1105 × 1600
Color: Colorless
Size: 160 MB

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[Gekiteki_Gekidan_L] Imouto’s Birth Place -Tohoku Winter Homecoming- / [劇的劇団エル] 故郷の妹 -冬の東北帰省編-

I returned from Tokyo to rural hometown Tohoku.
It had been a year and a half. My sister was maturing.
“Oniichan, please make me a woman.”
I remembered our incestuous affair from that summer day.
For a year and a half our passion had grown at a distance.
We had five days together now.

Release: 2012/12/28
File type: jpg, pdf, html.
Pic’s: 90
Genre: lolicon, oral, incest, creampie.
Language: japanese
Censorship: yes
Size: 112 MB
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[Ayato Sasakura] I Punish You!

Full Name: I Punish You!
Type: Hentai Manga
File type: JPG, PNG
Author: Ayato Sasakura
Genre: lolicon, oral, anal, footjob, shota, stockings, swimsuit, sex toys, school uniform.
Language: english
Translator: yqii
Pages: 190
Resolution: 990 x 1400
Color: Colorless
Size: 103 MB

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[Red Dragonfly] The Post-R*pe Eccentricity of Haruhi S*zumiya / [赤いトンボ] 涼宮ハ○ヒの激奏後 レイプされました

After the concert ended.
On her way home she noticed a tail.
Could it be, that stalker who’s always following her?
File type: mkv
Genre: rape, oral, anal, gangbang, double penetration, stockings, creampie.
Duration: 00:37:58
Language: japanese
Subtitles: japanese
Censorship: yes
Size: 540 MB
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[Akira Yamato] Shoujo Fuu / [八的暁] 少女ふう

Full Name: Shoujo Fuu / 少女ふう
Type: Hentai Manga
File type: JPG
Author: Akira Yamato / 八的暁
Genre: lolicon, shota, oral, anal, swimsuit, fingering, school uniform.
Language: japanese
Pages: 201
Resolution: 1131 × 1669
Color: Colorless
Size: 161 MB

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[Sage] Banned Shoujo -Continuous Nakadashi In Schoolgirl Rurika- / 発禁少女~●学生るりかに連続中出し~

Do you like very young rural girls?
Creampie inside this cute and slender country lolita.
Let her know you love her with assault in the park.

I love little girls.
Like always I went on the prowl across the wide countryside
to find my favorite type. Here’s an innocent one.
I take her to a deserted park.
Now to taste that sweet honey!
Release: 2012/12/14
File type: jpg, pdf, htm.
Pic’s: 192
Genre: lolicon, oral, bukkake, creampie, rape, school uniform.
Language: japanese
Censorship: yes
Size: 109 MB
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