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[妄想天国] 町中の女の子が次々やってくる噂の恋愛成就のおち○ぽ岩 / Lore of many handed down to your city


Release: 2013/11/02
File type: jpg
Pic’s: 130
Genre: lolicon, oral, virgin, x-ray.
Language: japanese
Censorship: yes
Size: 167 MB
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[st. Rororo] Sweeeeet Chocolate / [st.ろろろ] すぅい~と♪しょこら

I was new to the country. No friends or bearings.
A place where I knew no one’s name.
I met a very young girl.
Her name was “Chocolate.” She called me “Oniichan.”
She was truly a tiny girl. She worked in a restaurant.
But this restaurant had another side…
“I can’t have sex yet but… will you buy me?”
It seemed she had been abducted. The
owner of this place was a sex slave trader.

Release: 2011/09/01
File type: exe
Genre: lolicon, oral, swimsuit, stockings, straight sex
Language: japanese
Interface: japanese
Censorship: yes
Size: 283 MB
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[EB110SS] Watashi No Special / [EB110SS] 私のスッペシャル

Full Name: Watashi No Special / 私のスッペシャル
Type: Hentai Manga
File type: JPG
Author: EB110SS
Genre: lolicon, oral, fingering, object insertion, swimsuit, pee, glasses, stockings, tan, x-ray.
Language: japanese
Pages: 206
Resolution: 1100 x 1600
Color: Colorless
Size: 106 MB

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[artman] Today’s Sex Duty -Classroom Creampie In the Babymaker Of Dainty Innocent Ojosama- / 今日のセックス当番〜清楚なお嬢様女子●生と教室でナマ中出し子作りセックス〜

5 cute privileged young ladies have a nama-nakadashi lesson for Sex Ed in the near future.
Lucky homeroom teacher Eroi-sensei gets to teach them.
Direct sex education is a top priority to reverse the declining birthrate. Enjoy creampies, a blowjob threesome and all the sex a guy could wish for.

Release: 2013/08/30
File type: jpg, pdf
Pic’s: 86
Genre: 3D, lolicon, oral, orgy sex, school uniform.
Language: japanese
Censorship: yes
Size: 372 MB
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[scrotum] うっうー!わたしの妹が輪姦されてるわけがないですぅ! / The Suu De there is no reason that my sister has been gang-raped!


Release: 2013/09/22
File type: jpg
Pic’s: 184
Genre: lolicon, anal, oral, gangbang, rape, dp.
Language: japanese
Censorship: yes
Size: 164 MB
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