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[DaturaScript] Welcome to the Ear Licking Sister Brothel! 2 / [ダチュラスクリプト] 耳舐め姉妹風俗店へようこそ!2

You, a loyal customer of a ear licking specialized brothel, takes loli sisters in this voice drama.
Total playback time: Approximately 98 minutes
CV: Momoka Yuzuki

Release: 2017/12/16
File type: mp3
Genre: lolicon, oral, harem, internal cumshot, handjob, ear licking, fetish, dirty talk, twins
Language: japanese
Size: 269 MB

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[Amaryllis girl] Maiden Mansion 3 / [彼岸花と無口少女。] 乙女屋敷 > 乙女屋敷で癒されませんか? ~少女吸血姫の、お座敷遊び~

“Patients need your blood donation! May I ask a favor of you?”
While walking around the rural town, you are stopped by a pink haired girl.
She takes you into the blood donation room. But you suddenly feel asleep…
When you woke up, you find yourself in a room that looks familiar to you…
“My name is Lirim Vlad Succu Pink Rose. The Princess of the Maiden Mansion — The Vampire Princess!”
12 tracks / Total playback time: Approx. 2 hours 35 min
CV: Yume

Release: 2017/11/18
File type: mp3
Genre: lolicon, specter, ear licking, healing, kimono
Language: japanese
Size: 226 MB

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[where here] It’s A Honey Trap Nin Nin / [ここどこ] ハニートラップでござるよニンニン

The Shogun (you) is targeted by the little girl ninja Shino.
She sneaks into your castle and tries to put you into a honey trap, but…
Her ear licking, sexual services and the secret technique “Octopus Pot” are not enough for you to run out of libido. Now your counterattack begins…
Total playback time: [1:38:26]
CV: Popura Sawano

Release: 2017/10/30
File type: mp3, wav
Genre: lolicon, oral, ear licking, kimono
Language: japanese
Size: 1.2 GB

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[kimagure blue] Trust in Rin-chan! #1 / [きまぐれblue] 【音声】りんちゃんにおまかせ!前編

A girl who is into paid dating generously leads a nervous guy.
Total playback time: 20 minutes 26 seconds
CV: Shigure Sayo

Release: 2017/08/14
File type: wav
Genre: lolicon, oral, handjob, prostitution, neck licking, ear licking, romance
Language: japanese
Size: 317 MB

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[Jabalife] Shrine of Kishimo -Loli Devil’s Pampering- / [じゃばらいふ] 鬼母姫ノ社-鬼ロリババアの坊やあやし-

Pampered, taught about the pleasures and dominated by a blind loli demon!
Binaural Audio Product. Headphones / earphones recommended.
WAV / MP3 file formats
Track List
01– Shrine of Demon (07:33)
02– Face Fondling (26:39)
[Face Licking / Ear Licking / Whispering]
03– Handjob (31:05)
[Ear Licking / Whispering / Handjob]
04– Massage (24:25)
[Oil Massage]
05– Intercrural sex in the dark (20:57)
[Whispering / Intercrural sex]
06– Pampering leg pillow (09:44)
[Lap Pillow / Breastfeeding / Heart Beat]
07– Maternal Incest (17:24)
[Slow Sex]
08– Sleep while Embraced (07:52)
[Embracing / Ear Blowing]
09– Oral-Service (21:03)
[Horn Fellatio / Fellatio]
Playback Time: 2 hours 46 minutes
Voice Acting: Yuzuko Konoe

Release: 2017/06/18
File type: mp3, wav
Genre: lolicon, oral, handjob, internal cumshot, ear licking, monster girl
Language: japanese
Size: 1.4 GB

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[Circletakosu] We tooootally indulge you ~ cumming *pew pew* ~ [Binaural Recording] / [さーくるたこす] わたしたちがい~~~っぱい甘やかしてあげる♪~精液ぴゅっぴゅしようね~【バイノーラル録音】

“BubMe” is:
the desiring or feeling of maternity qualities from a younger women.
(Cited from Pixiv Encyclopedia, translated)
The essential nutrient for getting over the harsh stormy seas and raging waves of the business world…
BubMe has plenty of positive effects on your body and mind.
A nourishing tonic which provides metabolic improvement and helps combat weak constitution, physical fatigue and loss of appetite!
(According to a survey by the Society of BubMe Studies). lol
Let’s avoid malnutrition and gain healthy mind!
Aoi and Hinata, two loli moms pamper you so much with a lot of erotic cares, filling your mental vessel up!
Binaural Audio Product. Headphones / earphones recommended.
[Track List]
1. Welcome [2:55]
2. Kiss with Mom [12:28]
3. Ear Licking and handjob [12:15]
4. Titjob with fellatio [14:03]
5. Breastfeeding Handjob [16.28]
6. Lovey-dovey Threesome [18:56]
7. Sleeping at Your Side [4:55]
Total playback time: Approx. 1 hour 22 minutes
konrinya (as Hinata Mama)
Emi Sakura (as Aoi Mama)

Release: 2017/06/17
File type: mp3, wav
Genre: lolicon, oral, ear licking, handjob, threesome
Language: japanese
Size: 592 MB

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[Bousaba Lubricant] Necromancer Luluna [Binaural] / [防鯖潤滑剤] ネクロマンサーのルルナ【バイノーラル】

When you wake up your limbs were bound up.
A girl was smiling at your side.
Her name is Luluna. A necromancer…a magician whose magic controls corpses and souls.
For some reason her magic energy was run out and she was enfeebled.
So, she asked you to provide sperm to refill magic energy…
[Track List]
0. Prologue (5:45)
1. Handjob with Ear Licking, Ejaculation (23:34)
2. Fellatio, Ejaculation (19:06)
3. Footjob, Ejaculation (19:03)
4. Pussy Cumsckery, Ejaculation (20:58)
5. Ending A (6:19)
6. If you ejaculated (3:09)
7: Ending B (3:42)
8: Flirty Lovey H with Luluna, Ending C (19:26)
Total playback time: 121 minutes!!
Binaural Audio Product. Headphones / earphones recommended.
CV: Momoka Yuzuki

Release: 2017/06/06
File type: mp3
Genre: lolicon, oral, handjob, footjob, internal cumshot, ear licking, dirty talk, witch
Language: japanese
Size: 301 MB

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[lime] Healing Inn Yuragi-tei [Healing – Ear Cleaning & Licking] / [雷夢] 『癒しの旅館 ゆらぎ亭』 -癒し音声- 耳かき・耳舐め CV:みもりあいの

On your solemn journey you find yourself at a healing inn. Yuragi-tei.
Awaiting you there, a simple and pure girl by the name of Yuzuna.
She will service you thoroughly… through her kindness and healing nature…
let the stress and burdens of the world evaporate from within you…
Track List
[Scene 1][17:26] Relaxing in an outdoor hotspring… with massage
[Scene 2][09:22] A walk for two at dusk
[Scene 3][10:20] Ear Cleaning – Lap Pillow
[Scene 4][11:02] Erotic Ear Licking
[Scene 5][13:41] Handjob – Breasts – French Kissing
[Scene 6][03:00] Sleeping Together
Ear Cleaning_right ear [09:43]
Ear Cleaning_left ear [10:24]
Total playback time: 1 hour 25 minutes

Release: 2017/04/29
File type: mp3, wma
Genre: lolicon, handjob, healing, ear cleaning, romance
Language: japanese
Size: 392 MB

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[dawn-system R&D Dept. #3] Girls of Thanatos (case.5 Imi) / [黎明機構第三研究開発部] 死神少女と、生死の狭間で(case.5 イミ) ~クールで無表情な天才少女が実験台にしてくれるなら~

“……November 21st, 23:21. Test subject awakens.”
At the moment of death, you were restrained in a suspicious laboratory like facility.
A young girl in a lab coat greeted you, introducing herself as a God of Death.
“You shall be a guinea pig, in the experiment that I am about to peform.”
Her youthful appearance contrasted with the maturity and wight of her words.
“…please give me, the last of your time.”
Playback time: approx 82 minutes (+ variation files)
CV: Gemiko Yamada

Release: 2017/04/29
File type: mp3
Genre: lolicon, oral, ear licking, masturbation, footjob, internal cumshot, fantasy, blindfold
Language: japanese
Size: 597 MB

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