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[Ingohigo] Very Young Mama’s “Welcome Back” Sex / [インゴヒゴ] ロリママのおかえりえっち
“Welcome back my darling! you must be a hard worker today!”
When you come back home, your very young mama welcomes you with very generous and soft embrace. And then…
“I have a reward for you… Let’s have ‘welcome back sex’ with mama!”
Track List
0. Prologue (2:26)
1. Cowgirl style (15:35)
2. Fellatio (17:57)
3. Breastfeeding handjob (19:46)
4. Handjob while kissing (21:07)
5. Lovey Dovey Sex (21:31)
6. [Bonus Track] (5:07)

CV: Aino Mimori

Release: 2017/10/28
File type: mp3
Genre: lolicon, oral, handjob, healing, dirty talk, romance
Language: japanese
Size: 239 MB
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[B-bishop] Pampering Eternal Loli’s FleshPot / 甘やかしロリババァの肉壺
[Track List]
01. Beginning [01:39]
02. Consecutive Ejaculation Sex [22:51]
03. Sex with Prohibition of Cumming [17:52]
04. Epilogue (fellatio) [09:07]

Total playback: [51:29]
CV: Moko Ashiya

Release: 2017/10/10
File type: wav
Genre: lolicon, oral, rape, dirty talk
Language: japanese
Size: 284 MB

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[kimagure blue] Trust in Rin-chan! #1 / [きまぐれblue] 【音声】りんちゃんにおまかせ!前編
A girl who is into paid dating generously leads a nervous guy.
Total playback time: 20 minutes 26 seconds
CV: Shigure Sayo

Release: 2017/08/14
File type: wav
Genre: lolicon, oral, handjob, prostitution, neck licking, ear licking, romance
Language: japanese
Size: 317 MB

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[AiharaHanten] Summer Vacation With Shiina! ~Lovey Dovey Mating Sex~ [3D Audio Effect] / [相原飯店] 椎菜といっぱい夏休み♪〜甘くてトロトロな、種付けえっち〜立体音声付き
A neighborhood JK Shiina Hazuki and you are now in a relationship.
On one day during summer vacation, she visits your room.
While looking at memorial pictures together,the two of you get into an erotic mood…
Binaurally recorded realistic voice drama
+ Full Color Comic
4 tracks / total playback: approx. 27 minutes 24 seconds
Voice by Kaede Akino

Release: 2017/08/16
File type: wav, mp3, m4a, psd, png
Genre: lolicon, oral, internal cumshot, dirty talk, school uniform, x-ray, romance
Language: japanese
Size: 1.3 GB

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[Milk tea] The Cat Of Gratitude: A Lovey-Dovey Days With A Naive Kitten / [ミルクティー] 猫の恩返し無邪気で我儘でちょっぴりHな子猫とのラブラブ生活。
A naked girl suddenly comes to your room.
She says she is a kitten once you had kept…
[Track List]
1. The Cat Of Gratitude: Lovey-dovey H (19:57)
2. Love-dovey days (15:20) (without SFX version available)
3. Her first mating (15:09)
Bonus 1. Taking bath together (04:20)
Bonus 2. Sleeping in your lap (04:20)
CV: Kaede Akino

Release: 2017/07/23
File type: wav
Genre: lolicon, healing, drama/daily living
Language: japanese
Size: 195 MB

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[AaronPoint] Received From Two Imouto: Comfort / 妹たちに癒して貰った件
A sequel product to “Received From Imouto: Comfort”.
This time not only Yume, but also Rika performs!
Rika’s voice is very soothing, sounds like Kana Hana****.
Can be enjoyed as a standalone product or even more so as a sequel.
[Track List]
01 Prologue (05:11)
02 Haircut (09:47)
03 Shaving (14:00)
04 Body washing & shampoo (16:55)
05 Ear massage with oil (13:12)
06 Ear cleaning (20:16)
07 Sleeping together (08:12)
08 Bonus 1 (12:35)
09 Bonus 2 (only heartbeat) (20:00)
Total length: approx 2 hours 8 seconds
Kokoro CV: Yume
Nanami CV: Rika

Release: 2017/07/11
File type: mp3
Genre: lolicon, healing, ear cleaning, romance
Language: japanese
Size: 292 MB

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