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[gamecolon] Sealed Room Breed / [ゲームコロン] 密室ブリード

* An open sex training sim game
14 days of captivity. Split her virgin anus open, weaken her with pleasure,
sodomize her painfully, there are few restrictions here.
In a sealed brick chamber your choices will change her.
Be negligent with her and she may die or be killed.
Multiple endings are possible based on the parameters of her suffering.
* Reactive Skin system for a new kind of sensation
Whip her and she shall bleed. Write on her body. Drip her with searing hot wax.
All traces of persecution manifest on the 3D polygon model.
* What is the Writing system?
You can draw on her skin, either by using the game’s provided
templates or importing your own art (PNG data), and mark notches on her
for how many times she’s had intercourse with Japanese five-stroke “sei”.
* Over 20 icons for sex training
Caring, Rotor, Whip, Candle, Masturbate, Handjob, Blowjob, Piss,
Girl On Top, Anal Beads, Enema, AF, Vibrator, Shaving and more……
Shame, suffering and pleasure in copious variety.
Fully animated 3D graphics! Voiced wails and sighs, and interactive touching/groping.
Warning: depicts some scat, violence. Not for the weak or prude.
* Character
Keiko Tsumuki, a twintail schoolgirl with small breasts and the ability to endure.
(Optional glasses in the clothing/accessories menu)
* Story
While out jogging the young girl was abducted by a stranger, coming to in a unfamiliar cell.
Brandishing a kinfe, the man said this:
“You’re free in 14 days. If you can’t handle it I’ll end you with this.”

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MELTY BLADE vs. The Murder Files of Ahe Pier / 絶頂捜査! アヘーピアvsブレード

Two classic Nintendo and PC Engine style adventure games of TrinityBlade – hybrid GO!

Release: 2013/02/25
File type: exe
Genre: lolicon, rape, violation, anal, oral, sex toys, bondage.
Language: japanese
Interface: japanese
Censorship: yes
Size: 158 MB
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loli wife / [ShiningStar] ロリ☆づま ~ヘタレ夫を逆調教!~
Takuya is a teacher and his wife Akane is a school girl who is his pupil at the same time. Only her classmate, who is also Takuya’s cousin, knows about it.
A story of love triangle between these 3 characters.

Release: 2009/12/12
File type: exe
Genre: lolicon, oral, two girls, footjob, stockings, sex toys, pee.
Language: japanese
Interface: japanese
Censorship: yes
Size: 304 MB
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[May] 7th RAIZIN power up kit / 雷神7パワーアップキット
Jan 31, 2013 ver 2 release
– pirate play added
– more female characters added
7th RAIZIN (RJ075311) is an epic simulation battle game set in deep space.
This is an EXPANSION which CAN be played without owning the previous game.
However, if you do not own the previous game, certain features will be limited.
Choose your player, amass your space fleet, and gain total control of the galaxy.
– Added the SC 100 Year scenario
– New characters added with new CG art
– Expanded HEX map nearly 2x the size of the original
– Added new loli focused CGs
– Added new items
– Added original events themed on netori/netorare
– Added new commands for each species
– Added minigame for Veronica
– Powered up from the Tenseiha game series
– Requests have been answered! All new version implementation
– Newly revised, simple game playability
– More rich character life experience like a sim game
– 3 difficulty levels: beginner, middle, expert
– Many characters, but with no voice
– Estimated play time is 5 to 20 hours.
Absolutely trek into the RAIZIN world!

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[ankoku marimokan] Carol of the Living Dead / [アンコクマリモカン] きゃろる of the りびんぐでっど ~ミニゲーム付きちびっこ陵辱CG集~

* ankoku marimokan MASCOT x ERO CG collection with MINIGAME *
A blend of loose story x hardcore sex (AVG format). Enjoy time, GO!
* Story
If there’s a price on someone’s head, bounty hunter Carol (age: unknown) will take it.
She’s just taken a new contract from a dodgy client.
He wants her to purge the city of a zombie panic.
She laughed at the absurdity. But hey, even if zombies are for real, Carol’s got confidence in spades.
* Minigame “Yuru Yuru Gun Shooting”
Pop off rounds with your mouse as a target cursor. Click = bang!
If you take damage OF COURSE clothes come off.
When Carol becomes fully naked the game is over.
* Triple pattern H scenes
Lose the minigame to see an “interspecies scene”,
or be a savior for a “training scene”, or neglect her for a “several days later scene”
* Situations
piss / urine / zombie f*ck / bestiality / bug sex / tentacle vore / giants / big black interracial f*ck
machine f*ck / foreign object insertion / gangbang / bondage / orifice spread / more

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[Masturbation chronicle] Kodukai Ecchi! -Oniichan, I Want Spending Money- *Kiss* / [マスクロ] こづかいえっち!~お兄ちゃん♪おこづかいちょ~だい (●ゝз・●)チュッ♪~
“I’ll have sex with you, just give me some allowance!”
Little sister Nana has no morals, but fortunately neither does big brother.

Release: 2012/10/25
File type: exe
Genre: 3D, lolicon, anal, oral, incest, footjob, school uniform.
Language: japanese
Interface: japanese/english
Censorship: yes
Size: 1.1 GB
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[BABEL] Physical Exam w/ Imouto / 妹と保健体育
“Will you tutor meeee?”
Little sister doesn7t understand her homework and asked for help.
It’s a physical exam assignment from health and life sciences.
She was learning about human sexual development.. we looked at the naked pictures in the book together…
“I don’t understand… that… will you look at mine? Can you show me?”
Me and my imouto began her physical exam study.

Release: 2013/03/07
File type: exe
Genre: lolicon, oral, incest.
Language: japanese
Interface: japanese
Censorship: yes
Size: 150 MB
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[nagiyahonpo] Great Detective Meiko -The Case of Kidnap Mansion- / [なぎや本舗] 名探偵メイコ~少女監禁神隠し事件 監禁魔の館~
Here one day and gone the next. That’s what it means to disappear.
With few clues to go on, you’ve been called onto the case. You are great detective Meiko.
Loli in size, towering in genius, adult in maturity, you’ll surely find the truth…
–A breakout escape from Kidnap Mansion.
Shed light on the mystery of young girl disappearances
by searching each room, evading traps and enemies
or fight for your life.
Your choices determine the outcome.
There are cases where if you cannot escape the game will end.

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