[Ingohigo] Very Young Mama’s “Welcome Back” Sex / [インゴヒゴ] ロリママのおかえりえっち

“Welcome back my darling! you must be a hard worker today!”
When you come back home, your very young mama welcomes you with very generous and soft embrace. And then…
“I have a reward for you… Let’s have ‘welcome back sex’ with mama!”
Track List
0. Prologue (2:26)
1. Cowgirl style (15:35)
2. Fellatio (17:57)
3. Breastfeeding handjob (19:46)
4. Handjob while kissing (21:07)
5. Lovey Dovey Sex (21:31)
6. [Bonus Track] (5:07)

CV: Aino Mimori

Release: 2017/10/28
File type: mp3
Genre: lolicon, oral, handjob, healing, dirty talk, romance
Language: japanese
Size: 239 MB


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