[Xie] Little Queen Midori ~Fap Fap Persecution~ / Little Queen 碧 〜シコシコ責め〜

If you say…
“I want a masturbate while a little girl watches.
I want a little girl to talk to me and help me masturbate.
Tease me, my tiny adorable angel!”
This, monsieur hentai, is just for you!
Xie presents Little Queen, which is get right to the point, jackoff material.
[Character Profile]
Midori / 1* yo / 125cm / 25kg / Bust: 60cm / B blood type
Born in September / Likes games and music
Personality: person who tends to find doing things bothersome
Charmpoint: None. / Likes gentlemen that lead
Experience: 40% / Sadism: 60%
[Play Distribution]
Intro + Foreplay: Approx: 16 min
Fap Support (1): Approx: 37 min
Fap Support (2): Approx: 6~28 min
Fap Support (3): Approx: 5 min
Ejaculation (1): Approx: 3~17 min
Ejaculation (2): Approx: 8 min
After Ejaculation: Approx: 2 min
CV: Gemiko Yamada

Release: 2017/03/29
File type: mp3, exe
Genre: lolicon, oral assault, tease, masturbation
Language: japanese
Size: 1.3 GB


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