[Blue Mad Diode] BLOOD RUSH. / [青色ハッキョウダイオード] BLOOD RUSH.

The decaying pleasure district of Kabura-cho is rife with lawlessness:
murder, pillage, coercion, prostitution and drugs, to name a few of its vices.
The assassin Clarissa pays a visit…
Her goal is to take down Corrupt Garden, the guild that murdered her family and blinded her right eye.
After infiltrating Kabura-cho, Clarissa meets a police woman named Kiriko.
Kiriko shares Clarissa’s desire to see Cobra Garden annihilated, and with forces joined they began a war of blood and flesh and humiliation…
You control Clarissa the assassin, who wields fire arms, and Kiriko the police woman with bionic limbs.
Infiltrate various facilities in pursuit of the murderous guild Corrupt Garden!
If defeated Cobra Garden will mastermind the creation of an illegal porno video for the girl(s).
Mid-battle ero & ryona! Cut-ins & animation system included.
Assault, gut punching, face smashing, sexual harassment, vore, tentacles… 18 patterns in total.
Playtime is 4~6 hours.
Ero events
Unique events play when defeated by minor enemies and in money battles.
If losing on purpose is frustrating, use the “surrender flag” to instantly get to the event(s).
Moreover, there are ero events that occur during the story.

Release: 2016/10/22
File type: exe
Genre: RPG, lolicon, oral, rape, ryona, psychotic, torture, bondage, madness, prostitution, drugs, tentacle, glasses, stockings
Language: japanese
Interface: japanese
Censorship: yes
Size: 892 MB


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