[pumpkin] A Secret Outing -Escape From R*pe Plaza- / [パンプキン] 秘密のおでかけ~陵辱ビルからの脱出RPG~

Little Ayame Sena was playing alone when she got unexpectedly locked into a building complex.
Men looked her little body up and down.
She was not safe with these strangers, but how to get out……?

Release: 2014/07/30
File type: exe
Genre: RPG, lolicon, oral, rape, footjob, bukkake, stockings, uniform
Language: japanese
Interface: japanese
Censorship: yes
Size: 105 MB

Requires RPG TKool VX Ace to play (free)
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7 thoughts on “[pumpkin] A Secret Outing -Escape From R*pe Plaza- / [パンプキン] 秘密のおでかけ~陵辱ビルからの脱出RPG~

          1. Wordsmith

            Just rename it to something else. I usually go with the name 1
            It’s just to make sure that the files and folders have names with characters windows recognizes

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