[doubletyphoon] Magical Girl MAKO HardCore ~Joker’s Counterattack~ / [ダブルタイフーン] 魔法少女まこHC~逆襲のジョーカー~

Using all of her magic, Mako was successful in defeating her rival
But… the brief lull of peace flew by in the blink of an eye!
Unable to transform, Mako fights bravely with solid resolve.
Her heart burning on with a strong sense of justice brings forth a miracle!
She transforms into a magical girl! Only one little problem…
Due to her low magic reserves, she ends up in a skimpy costume that may be even more embarrassing that being stark naked!
Even so, Mako fights gallantly… only to lose and be violated before onlookers…

Release: 2017/03/29
File type: JPG, PDF
Pic’s: 150
Genre: lolicon, oral, magical girl, rape, ashamed, humiliation, outdoor, gangbang, tickling, tentacle, object insertion, panties, stockings
Language: japanese
Censorship: yes
Size: 241 MB


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