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[mizutamaneko] Urging Succubi Mint & Lala / [水玉ねこ] 発情サキュバス ミント&ラーラ ~このチ○ポには勝てなかったよぉ!~

Two sex vixens fulfill the wishes of one Mr. Yoshio Tamura.

Release: 2014/12/04
File type: jpg
Pic’s: 384
Genre: lolicon, anal, oral, angel/demon, internal cumshot, bondage, tan, swimsuit, stockings
Language: japanese
Censorship: yes
Size: 278 MB
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[HoriTail] Rika-chan special training / [HoriTail] リカちゃん大特訓

Rika loves her sexy older sister.
Her older sister takes her to the step after sexy: raunchy!

Release: 2014/12/02
File type: wmv
Genre: 3D, lolicon, oral, sexual training, outdoor exposure, outdoor sex, pee, yuri
Language: japanese
Subtitles: no
Censorship: yes
Size: 578 MB
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[ByunByun House] Naked in the Park, Doing Ecchi Stuff (Movie Collection) / [ByunByunHouse] 公園で裸になって、えっちなことしちゃったの ムービー集

Today I came to play in the park.
I wore my kinda short summer dress.
Just walking makes it bounce and my panties show.

But, I don’t mind if guys stare.
I like it. Am I sick?

Anyways there are no guys in the park today.
So I play, and I take off my panties now.
I raise up my skirt so my smooth popo gets a cool breeze.
It makes me feel good. It gets wet.

I take off my summer dress.
Nobody’s watching……?
Just me and the air. I’m ecchi! I’m a perrr-vert! 😀
It would make me just die if someone saw me now…

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[Hanaya] Mom and Dad Aren’t Home So We Got Absotively Naked!! / [華屋] 親が留守なので全裸でハメ外しちゃいました!!

“Mommy and daddy can’t come home, do you think you can mind the house alone for one night?”
The siblings are elated. No parents! No bedtime! No rules! Things get a bit taboo.

Release: 2014/11/27
File type: jpg, pdf
Pic’s: 362
Genre: lolicon, shota, oral, masturbation, outdoor exposure, orgy sex, incest, tan
Language: japanese
Censorship: yes
Size: 698 MB
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[raimei] Slave Girl / [雷命] 奴隷少女

Visual novel about furry girls who have become war slaves.
Features 4 girls of different types and it has multi-ending patterns.
Release: 2014/10/26
File type: exe
Genre: ADV, lolicon, oral, fantasy, slave, bestiality, outdoor sex, orgy
Language: japanese
Interface: japanese
Censorship: yes
Size: 593 MB
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[Sakemasu] Pantsu Daisuki / [サケマス] ぱんつ大好き

Full Name: Pantsu Daisuki / ぱんつ大好き
Type: Hentai Manga
File type: JPG
Author: Sakemasu / サケマス
Genre: lolicon, anal, oral, defloration, gangbang, dp, panties, pee, kimono, school uniform.
Language: japanese
Pages: 205
Resolution: 956 × 1400
Color: Colorless
Size: 176 MB

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[SHEEP’s PROJECT] Back Alley Girl / [ヒツジ企画] 路地裏にいた女の子で性欲処理

A girl entices a man down an alley offering to let him watch.
The man forgets himself as she touches her bare slit. He accosts her.
So it goes for such couples, who form brief bonds of lust and curiosity in the spaces just beyond view  of every day life.

Release: 2014/11/01
File type: jpg, pdf
Pic’s: 242
Genre: lolicon, oral, bukkake, rape, handjob, object insertion, bondage, stockings, x-ray
Language: japanese
Censorship: yes
Size: 280 MB

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[Sage] Banned Shoujo -Continuous Nakadashi In Schoolgirl Rurika- (Game Edition) / [Sage] スマホ&Windows対応ゲーム 発禁少女~○学生るりかに連続中出し~

Do you like very young rural girls?
Creampie inside this cute and slender country lolita.
Let her know you love her with assault in the park.
I love little girls.
Like always I went on the prowl across the wide countryside to find my favorite type. Here’s an innocent one.
I take her to a deserted park.
Now to taste that sweet honey!

Release: 2014/11/09
File type: exe
Genre: Novel, lolicon, oral, internal cumshot, outdoor sex, rape, school uniform
Language: japanese
Interface: japanese
Censorship: yes
Size: 145 MB

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[Hanaya] The Barenaked Boy In Girls Swim Class!! / [華屋] 全裸で水泳授業しちゃいました!!

An ephebe decides to swim naked in an empty pool when the teacher and students suddenly join!
Everyone has fun with the barenaked boy. No horseplay, but orgies are okay. Everyone masturbates in the water! A 25-meter group-stroke race!
Enjoy the harem of lolitas and one lucky cum-squirter in this wet school-age CG collection.
Release: 2012/10/13
File type: jpg
Pic’s: 920
Genre: Exposure, GangBang, Loli, Masturbation, multiple, outdoor, school swimsuit
Language: japanese
Censorship: yes
Size: 357 MB
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[ByunByun House] Shore of Exposure 4 – My sister and I, both naked – / 露出海岸 ぼくと裸の妹 4

One summer day I went to the beach with my little sister.
She didn’t bring a swimsuit, but there was no one to see us.
We both got naked.
She loved the feel of water on her birthday suit.
Seeing the water glisten on her taut youthful body I wanted to play more.
We came together. At first she didn’t want me to put it in.
But whether it was the freeness of the beach or something in her nature, she warmed to the gyrations and welcomed my semen inside.

Release: 2012/08/25
File type: swf
Genre: incest, lolicon, shaved, pee, handjob, outdoor exposure, outdoor sex.
Language: japanese
Interface: japanese
Censorship: yes
Size: 201 MB
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