[Morning Star Rush / a Matures] Perv Sluts Next Door ~That Girls’ Kinks You Haven’t Yet Seen~ / [モニスタラッシュ / a Matures] 隣人は変態痴女~あなたが知らないあの娘の性癖~

Eiji Tsunaki comes back to his hometown after he found a job there.
Upon moving to an apartment that he was told to live in by the company, he soon found that residents on same level are all women!
While he is getting used to a new life, Eiji receives an Email which will cause him to face those women’s too much intense lewd inclinations…
“Huh? Who sent this?”
Seeing an Email, Eiji Tsunaki mutters to himself.
“If you go to that convenience store now, you would see Kotoha Hironaka’s hidden kink.”
That name written on the Email was his neighbor’s one. A granddaughter of a landlord Kotoha Hironaka is a fresh girl who often gives greetings to him. Her hidden kink?
What does it mean… In the first place, who sent the Email… I don’t know this address…
Anyway what should I do now… After a while he finally heads to the convenience store.
This is the beginning of a drastic change in his life from boring to lewd days…

Release: 2017/12/08
File type: exe
Genre: ADV, lolicon, internal cumshot, childbirth, outdoor, gangbang, masturbation, handjob, pregnant, glasses, stockings
Language: japanese
Interface: japanese
Censorship: yes
Size: 681 MB


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