[System 4-5-1] Pew Pew Friends / [システム4-5-1] ぶぴゅってフレンズ

It’s an erotic Flash game about having your way with your favorite furry friends in heat. A creampie baby making fuckfest!
Use the mouse to find their furry weak spots, then smack some pleasure into their nubile bodies and a creamy concotion of juicy jizzzz deep into their pussies!
If you are successful (sometimes even if you aren’t) a new friend may just appear.
Try your best to collect and have your way with = deepen your ‘love’ with all 10 friends.
Fully loaded with our popular “up and down” interactive mouse animations,
You control the action: go faster, slower or pause and revel in the moment.
Of course there’s voice acting!

Release: 2017/07/28
File type: swf, html
Genre: lolicon, healing, touching, animalize, internal cumshot, x-ray
Language: japanese
Interface: japanese
Censorship: yes
Size: 31 MB


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