[4H] ZENGAKU! ~Special Training Camp for a Naked Week~ / ぜんがく!~全裸登校週間特別対策合宿~

Naked Week. Just as the name implies, that is a week which you must head to school… naked.
A traditional custom of a certain Japanese academy.
However, the freshgrads that have only just enrolled
cannot handle such a high-level of exhibition straight away…
They must first head of to a special training camp so that they may prepare themselves for the humility of nakedness.
That is, the Special Training Camp for a Naked Week regime.
Also known as… ZENGAKU!!
You participate in training camp with the girl that you adore!
But what awaits you at the camp is…
a full on training regime of humiliation and disgrace!?

Release: 2017/09/03
File type: exe
Genre: ADV, lolicon, outdoor exposure, exhibition, ashamed, humiliation, tan, school uniform
Language: japanese
Interface: japanese
Censorship: yes
Size: 916 MB


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