[Milk tea] The Cat Of Gratitude: A Lovey-Dovey Days With A Naive Kitten / [ミルクティー] 猫の恩返し無邪気で我儘でちょっぴりHな子猫とのラブラブ生活。

A naked girl suddenly comes to your room.
She says she is a kitten once you had kept…
[Track List]
1. The Cat Of Gratitude: Lovey-dovey H (19:57)
2. Love-dovey days (15:20) (without SFX version available)
3. Her first mating (15:09)
Bonus 1. Taking bath together (04:20)
Bonus 2. Sleeping in your lap (04:20)
CV: Kaede Akino

Release: 2017/07/23
File type: wav
Genre: lolicon, healing, drama/daily living
Language: japanese
Size: 195 MB


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