[YAKI-UBU] Teasing Days by My Little H Game Voice Actress Sister / [やきうぶ] エロゲー声優の妹に弄ばれる一日

“Oniichan, there’s something I need to tell you……”
My little sister has been a super diligent and studious girl for as long as I remember.
I on the other hand, am just your run of the mill nerd that likes erotic games.
Our relationship is, soso I guess.
We’re also lucky to have a good family environment.
A happy house with a happy family.
Except for one little thing.
A secret that my little sis can’t tell mom & dad.
“This game, I voiced one of the characters…”
Little sis says as she hands me a game package with an R18 seal on it.
My little sister did???
That’s right, she was keeping secret a certain job.
Turns out the recently popular newcomer voice actress to the H game industry, Setsuna Hanazawa…
Was actually my little sister Nanami!

01. “Teased before having a bath.” (17:22)
02. “Teased while having a bath together.” (21:14)
03. “Teased after coming out of the bath.” (21:09)

CV: Mikan Nonaka

Release: 2017/01/27
File type: mp3
Genre: lolicon
Language: japanese
Size: 73 MB