[Footprint Puddle] Make Me An Idol!! -Always Another Starry-Eyed Hopeful- / [足跡の水たまり] わたしをアイドルにしなさいよね!! -アイドル志望の女の子を騙してエッチないたずら!-

You run a small talent agency for…… hahaha, no you don’t!
Really it’s just your first-floor apartment, dressed up to look like one.
Your real raison d’etre is to lure young girls, you lolicon. 😉
There’s always another sassy, overconfident little thing looking for fame.
Hey, here’s a good one!
Length: 42 min
CV: Yui Kazuki

Release: 2016/11/04
File type: mp3
Genre: lolicon, rape, swimsuit
Language: japanese
Size: 121 MB