[circle itaku] True Story: Ten junior girls have sex with adults to become an idol. / [サークルイタク] 全国のアイドルになりたい○学生をスカウトしてセックスをしている大勢の大人たちの実態

True stories of girls from all over the country that are spreading wide for the chance to become an idol.
They haven’t even reach puberty!!
Nonetheless, vile adults filled with lust approach.
These girls don’t yet know the law of the jungle…
The weak are meat, the strong do eat.
Under the guise of ‘producing’, girls experience all manner of debauchery.
They thought they could become idols.
They thought wrong…
These are their real stories.
That is, once they became old enough to comprehend their actions that is…

Release: 2015/01/05
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Pic’s: 111
Genre: lolicon, rape, filming, internal cumshot, virgin, stockings, school uniform, x-ray
Language: japanese
Censorship: yes
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