[OTTO] Ultra Super Sweet * Imouto Paradise!!! / 最強極甘★いもうとぱらだいすっ!!!

You have three little sisters.
They love when you come home!! But they’re demanding, too…!?
Imoutos ~love~ oniichan!! Prepare for a bombardment of ecchi sweetness!
CV Ichigo Kayama as Honoka
CV Mao Tachibana as Akari
CV Yuika as Haruna

1 A 10 Second Kiss at the Door – Honoka’s Icha Icha Ecchi in the Bath
2 Persecuted by Imouto…!? – Middle Sister Akari’s Ijimerare Ecchi
3 Temptation XXX During Study – Sweet ecchi with Haruna

Release: 2016/11/30
File type: mp3
Genre: lolicon, oral, incest, masturbation, footjob, anal teasing, dirty talk, internal cumshot
Language: japanese
Size: 105 MB