[Natukon] Onechan ~ Be Super Friends With Me, Momo! / [なつこん] おねーちゃん♪ モモといっぱい、仲良ししよっ♪

Momo-chan wants to be bosom buddies with big sister.
Imagine big sister’s reaction, imagine yourself as big sister, imagine little Momo-chan’s invested yuri efforts, and of course sit back and listen, the experience is yours to enjoy!
Listeners with various interests can enjoy this audio.
01 Onechan? Please wake up soon 3:32
02 Yay! Let’s start with finger licking, onechan! 11:35
03 Whoa, it says “try the nape of the neck” 10:10
04 Next… “assault the bosoms”… that’s kind of embarrassing… 13:15
05 Ooooh, “touch boobs together”… it’s, it’s kinda hard 9:56
06 “Try licking her pee place”… Okay, I’ll do my best! 12:54
07 Onechan, I want to be even more friendly with you! 6:47
Total 68 min 12 sec

CV: Momo Suzunome

Release: 2016/12/02
File type: mp3
Genre: lolicon, yuri, romance
Language: japanese
Size: 167 MB