[Butterfly Dream] Soothing Girl -sayuki- / 癒しガール -sayuki-

Binaural voice and effects
Headphones / Earphones recommended
MP3 and WAV formats
For a long time you’ve liked the girl who comes for weekend sleepovers.
She’s on the phone again saying in her cute voice, “See you soon.”
01. Here for a sleepover (4:37)
02. Are your ears itchy? (26:17)
03. Stiff shoulders? (8:43)
04. Soon, it’ll be bedtime (25:21)
1 hour 05 min
CV: Yui Asami

Release: 2016/12/03
File type: mp3, wav
Genre: lolicon, healing, ear cleaning, drama/daily living, heartwarming
Language: japanese
Size: 346 MB