[ByunByun House] My Bath with An Otoko no Ko – Hot Down There / 男の娘と、おふろで洗いっこ あそこがぬちょぬちょ

I am Saori Fujisaki.
I’m friends with Mao Sakashita-chan from my class.
Mao-chan always wears a miniskirt to school but, with boy parts down there.
Today me and Mao-chan played a lot and got all sweaty so,
I invited Mao-chan to come to my house for a bath.
“Mao-chan, the water’s just right! Hurry up and get in!”
“O, okay……”
“What’s wrong? Oh… Mao-chan, your thingie is bigger than usual.”
“It’s because of when I’m looking at you, Saori-chan……”
Mao-chan always goes commando so I see his peen all the time,
it pokes out from his skirt when it’s hard.
It’s kinda cute when he’s all bashful like this.
We took the bath and I touched his little hard thing and it went twitch-twitch.
Then we washed each other’s bodies.
“Mao-chan, how does it feel when I touch it?”
“G, good, it feels kinda good……”
Mao-chan touched me on my place with his fingers and it was all slippy-slippy.
“Aaaaaah, your finger is going inside… It feels weird…”
“You’re all warm and wet inside. Warmer like the bath but kind of sticky.”
“Does your thingie feel hot inside too, Mao-chan?”
“Uhh, I’m gonna pee or something, S, Saori-chan!”
A little boy who dresses in girls clothes
and a nubile lolita take a fun bath, touching
and licking and putting their parts in!

Release: 2016/11/19
File type: avi, jpg
Genre: lolicon, shota, oral, footjob, handjob, internal cumshot, pee, crossdress
Language: no
Subtitles: no
Censorship: yes
Size: 284 MB


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