[Hexenhaus] (Even More) Perverted Girlfriend / [Hexenhaus] どエロ彼女 (GameRip)

Reine Misato is a naughty and one-track minded girl.
You (the player) are her live-in boyfriend.
You wish to finish a report to hand in before tomorrow, but she is in heat and tries to seduce in this way or that way.
It’s up to you to accept or ignore her temptation.
Enjoy a heartwarming moment of the daily life with a selfish girl who has extraordinary perverted taste!
File type: mkv
Genre: lolicon, oral, anal, x-ray, vibrators, BDSM, straight.
Duration: 00:27:10
Language: japanese
Subtitles: no
Censorship: yes
Size: 293 MB

[Hexenhaus] (Even More) Perverted Girlfriend (Text: English) (Flash Game)

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