[Saint Black Cat Knights] The Seedbed Daughter of Kismus / [聖クロネコ騎士団] 異種姦洗脳奴隷!部族を守る為に魔物に捧げられ従順な苗床に改造された哀れな娘達

There once lived a small family in the deep woods.
To protect themselves from the ferocity of man, they chose to live here among the monsters.
When travelers got close, the monsters attacked.
In a way, the Kismus family and the monsters shared these woods.
But it was a fragile agreement…

Release: 2014/09/27
File type: jpg, pdf
Pic’s: 138
Genre: lolicon, rape, tentacle, interspecies sex, body modification, slave, pregnancy
Language: japanese
Censorship: yes
Size: 145 MB


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