[sayryu] Magical C*ck One-Punch KO!! / [性竜] マジカルチ★ポで一発K.O!!~どんな少女もビッチに堕ちちゃう不思議なチ☆ポ~

One day like any other, the protagonist was loli-watching, mentally undressing schoolgirls on their walk home, when he spotted a sexy girl in stripes sock and butt-hugging hot pants.
The dirty old twerp started salivating and decided to unload his own virginity inside her untouched hole in the nearest public toilet!
Also includes other chapters of a boyish young girl double-teamed and a quiet girl on a bench who gets assaulted.

Release: 2011/11/03
File type: jpg, html
Pic’s: 135
Genre: lolicon, oral, sexual training, rape, gangbang, dp, golden shower/urination, stockings, x-ray.
Language: japanese
Censorship: yes
Size: 96 MB

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