[Sage] Banned Girl – Sena Yoshiyama’s First Time Was R*pe – / [Sage] 発禁少女~芳山瀬名の裏事情 初体験はレイプでした~

Sage presents: the raping and continuous creampie orgasms of a rural lolita.
The new CG collection of the BANNED GIRL series.
Do you get hard thinking of an unready young girl in the countryside?
How about forcing yourself between her slender thighs and cumming in that hole?
This is my novel-like confession of the time I did just that.
I love young girls.
It was easier to find one outside the city.
That’s where I found her.
She was perfect. The kind of girl you fantasize about.
No way was I going to squander this good luck.
I flattered her a bit, asked to take her picture, succeeded in coaxing
her to a remote shrine where nobody would interrupt us.
Everything was perfect.
I held her there in that holy place, and touched her holy place.
Cumming inside of her was the greatest thing. I never came so much.
She came too, multiple times. Did she even understand her awakening, her first pleasure, was a rape?

Release: 2015/01/16
File type: exe, htm, jpg
Pic’s: 410
Genre: CG Novel, lolicon, oral, rape, internal cumshot, outdoor sex, school uniform
Language: japanese
Censorship: yes
Size: 235 MB

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