[ISAmu.Room] SAKURA Town: Man on Third Street / [ISAmu.のお部屋] SAKURA Town 三丁目の男 (ver1.8)

A man is trapped in one second and wanders in this one second world where the time is stopped.
He dies when the second is over, however he experiences it again and again.
There is no goal in this game. You experience the one second and enjoy it to the fullest.
When you have fewer experience, the life is very short; accumulate your experience and walk the town efficiently.
During that fatal second, you take a walk to look for girls, play in an arcade, read comics, have sex, etc.

Release: 2014/06/18
File type: exe
Genre: Action, lolicon, oral, rape, sex toys, stockings, school uniform, x-ray
Language: japanese
Interface: japanese
Censorship: yes
Size: 397 MB

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