[ByunByun House] Oniichan Walked In On Imouto Fiddling Herself and Rushed Her / [ByunByunHouse] 妹が部屋でオナニーしてる現場に踏み込んで襲い掛かるイケナイおにいちゃん

Me and my little sister watched the house while my parents were out celebrating.
It got late, I figured my sister went to sleep and checked on her.
But outside her door I could tell she was awake… and…
… Masturbating?
I burst in and caught her in the act. She couldn’t deny it.
But I also didn’t want her to stop. In fact I wanted to join her.
I took off my clothes and showed her my erect dick.
She seemed ashamed of what I was doing but was obviously fascinated.
She couldn’t take her eyes off it. As instructed, she touched it.
Then I rushed her.
My sister gave up the fight pretty quick.
Her body was mine to enjoy until morning.
Over and over I let out all that pent up cum.

Release: 2013/12/29
File type: swf
Genre: lolicon, oral, incest, handjob, masturbation
Language: japanese
Interface: japanese
Censorship: yes
Size: 228 MB

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