[ToraraStudio] Cumpakku!? Ika Mus*me / [トララスタジオ] 侵○やられてなイカ娘

The beach house where all the girls are hanging out is under attack…
People are going berserk… Why?!
It turns out this is the fault of a soft drink called YARIIKA (“eureka!”), made with DNA harvested from Ika own ink squirts.
And that drink was concocted for alien research purposes by none other than THOSE three idiots!
The invader has become the invaded: look out Ika! (she gets it the most)
But not just her: look out Sanae, Eiko, Chizuru, Nagisa!

Release: 2013/06/10
File type: exe
Genre: lolicon, rape, oral, fingering, swimsuit, yuri, x-ray
Language: japanese
Interface: japanese/english
Censorship: yes
Size: 117 MB

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