[Maten] LOVE NOTE PLUS / [魔天] LOVE NOTE PLUS -ラブノートプラス-

Write a person’s name in the LOVE NOTE and they will want to breed with you.
It’s the mystical notebook of a shinigami, and it’s in your hands.
Nobody can stop you now, not the police, not even gods.
And sex is not the end. Only the beginning.
Hot hypnosis parody game inspired by D*ATH NOTE with four types of skinship!
Nakedness, petting, kissing and full penetration.
Choose from 2 girls to “date” to your heart’s content.
She’s under your spell… a magic so powerful that even without the notebook…

Release: 2011/12/30
File type: exe, swf
Genre: lolicon, oral, sexual training, slave, hypnosis, school uniform.
Language: japanese
Interface: japanese
Censorship: yes
Size: 102 MB


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