[Ekicon Research Society] Meshimase Shimai Donburi / [液魂研究会] 召しませ姉妹どんぶり

One year ago your father remarried. You now have new siblings.
The eldest girl is Sawako is a 3rd year student with large breasts and looks good in a school uniform.
You have a little brother named Rui, and a very young sister named Kanae.
Sawako looks after everyone earnestly and kindly. The truth is she’s horny and sneaks into your room looking for porno so she can fantasize.
Your father and stepmother take a one-week honeymoon together. It’s the four of you all alone…
An erotic family (not blood related) sex adventure!
Bukkake on breasts, kiss to titf*ck, blowjob, first creampie, first threesome,
c*nt peering, cunnilingus, anal tease, swallow cumload, more creampies,
doublle blowjob, 4P double creampie scenes.

Release: 2012/05/19
File type: exe
Genre: 3DCG, animation, adventure, anal sex, group sex, oral sex, x-ray, straight, lolicon, blowjob, bukkake.
Language: japanese
Interface: japanese
Censorship: yes
Size: 996 MB


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